Monday, April 29, 2013

Path to the Glistening Sea

Finally back in the saddle as the saying goes, even though I'm pretty much afraid of horses. Now my 11 year old niece has just ridden her first horse and bareback to boot, so maybe I need a dose of her bravado. Anyhow, our trip to Tucson was splendid and I hope to try my hand at more desert scenes soon. In the meantime, I'm taking you back to the ocean along a sunlit path between the coastal pines at that time of day where colors give way to sepia and blinding light. Hope you find yourself daydreaming about new adventures or quiet getaways and thanks for taking the time to spend snippets with me.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Truly Tucson

We're at the tail end of our Arizona adventure and really enjoyed our time in  the desert. It zipped by way too fast but we're hoping that we can return on some kind of regular basis. I had decided ahead of time to leave my oil paints at home due to the heat, but had a bit of fun with my watercolors. However, this subject matter kind of threw me for a loop due to the subtle values, but I am looking forward to playing with these colors on larger paintings and hope to share the results with you soon. Sorry I missed connecting with you all for so many days in a row!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Million Dollar View

Ok, so a million bucks wouldn't be enough to buy this Italian villa, but does Ten Million Dollar View really sound right??  We're living in a time of great inflation, but are still stuck with old catch phrases that can't be easily fixed. Anyhow, welcome back to Lake Como everyone. Sit down, relax, take in the view and have a Bellini or some limoncello. Revel in the jaw dropping majesty and grandeur, even if only from your armchair.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wave of Light

This a scene from the Alexander Valley north of Healdsburg and my inspiration came from a drive by shooting one glorious August evening. In my photo the foreground vineyards were all a blur, but I know how to fix that stuff and let you in on the essence of what caught my eye. I'm crazy about those long shadows that lay across the golden hills, the layers of mountains and the symmetry of the rows of summer grapes. Time to mosey on home, put your feet up and soak up the last glimmers of light with your favorite drink and finger food. Ahhhhh..................

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Captivating Cove

Every now and then I do a classic seascape without any structures and this is yet another one of our fabulous views. This spot is in between Albion and Elk and is one of those 'Aha pull over NOW' spots. Sometimes those views come without even a square inch in which to park the car and must be shot while in motion but thankfully this one had a pullout. It's pure delight to wander aimlessly along this coastline for no other reason than to absorb the grandeur and I wish I'd mark my calendar to do it more often. Maybe if you come to town for a visit, we'll have an excuse!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Breezy and Beautiful

Westport manages to retain its funky quality against a backdrop of mountains, meadows and marine majesty. It's small and quaint because there are so many hair raising switchbacks and crazy cliffs in between here and there or it would be much more populated and refined. In my opinion it's just right and I brave the roads as often as I can squeeze it into my 'life in the country fast lane'.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Morning Rooftops

Still on the theme of Mendocino's rooftops and if you're sleuthy, you can see some similarities between this one and the last one, even if you don't know the spot where I was standing. It's just so perfect how the steeple provides the ideal vertical in exactly the right spot, kind of like a set designer had been involved in mapping out the town just right. Ok, so I suppose I'm a bit of a set designer myself and can scoot a little to the left or right to see a composition that pulls my trigger. Just love the gleaming whites when the morning sun crests the eastern hill and lights up the town like this!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Over the Rooftops

There are some nooks and crannies here in Mendocino that reveal scenes that are rarely viewed. This is one such place and you get a personal note from me if you can tell me just where I was standing to take the photo for this painting! I tromp around and around this teeny tiny town and still manage to find things that I had missed, or see things in a different light depending on the weather or time of day. Even though it is miniscule, it never gets boring and still manages to make my heart go pitter patter.
...................I left my heart in Mendocino, high on a bluff, it calls to me. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Faithful Beacon

One of the landmarks we're proud of around these parts is the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. The half mile hike from the old highway down to the station is a delight with vantage points galore, though this particular view is from another bluff just to the south. From the house we just moved into which is next door to the one we've been living in, we can look out the windows and see the rhythmic light flashing around the clock. On a really clear evening, we can look to the south and also see a flash from the Point Arena lighthouse. So glad these beacons are well tended in order to guide our seafaring friends safely home.