Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crazy Week

Hi There Friends and Followers,
  We have had a remarkable 9 days since Sunday the 21st. If you are my friend on Facebook you already know the story but for those of you that aren't, here is a re-cap.
  My mother in law who just turned 95 in September (seen above in April of this year) landed in the hospital in Sonoma County, so we raced down there to be by her side. She had suffered for a couple of months with problems swallowing and was depressed upon belief. They discovered via endoscopy that her esophagus was constricted, so they stretched it out and she awoke HUNGRY! Soon after, I received a call from my Dad (also pictured above) from ICU in Monterey telling me he'd suffered a stroke earlier that day. He was fine after having had the anti-clotting med administered and is recovering nicely. Thirdly, we received a phone call from one of our tenants that the overhead sprinkler in their apartment had busted and was flooding their space. We were still out of town so went into high gear making phone calls to get that remedied. We are now seeing professional people removing all of the contents and flooring of that apartment besides all the contents of our frame shop below in order to replace everything. We need new flooring upstairs and all new sheet rock downstairs, so are looking at 'being out of work' for a lengthy period of time. 
  Hoping to get back to painting very soon, so stay tuned! My studio is in a separate building, so I can still hit the easel and plan on it. Blessings on each of you and may each of us experience 2015 with joy, gratitude and confidence in God to handle the big and little things we all must face. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Books and Original Art

Still have a small batch of softcover books left and can send them out in time for Christmas if you've thought of somebody that would like one. I've also posted 35 original paintings to my website and to my Facebook Studio page that we're offering at a discount, so feel free to take a gander. Check out my workshops for 2015 and get inspired to travel or to tell a friend that might have wanderlust like me! Besides that we've been in and out of town a lot lately and plan to leave next week to see our boys in Los Angeles, so I apologize for not being in touch very much lately. I realized not long ago that I'm not as good at multi-tasking as I used to be and tend to get foggy headed when too many things pile up at one time. Thanks so much for tuning into my little online journal and I look forward to keeping you in the loop throughout the new year. Holiday Blessings one and all from your artsy fartsy friend, Erin 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Radiant Ripples

Sometimes I get a hankering to paint something other than a landscape or seascape. However, the brilliance of the sun can still be seen in just about everything I do. It's been awfully rainy lately, so it's nice to share a piece of sunlit water crowned by this regal but simple pond creature. I'm not up on knowing my water fowl, so forgive me for not naming his species!