Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bound and Determined

It's the look in that eye that sparked the idea for the title, though I've heard that chickens aren't all that 'thoughtful'. You never know though, hunger might be the thought-of-the-day and getting there first might be the driving force. At any rate, it was time to paint something bigger and bolder and since Spring is in the air this guy caught my attention in my miles of piles of photos. Of course I loved how the light was just right along with the splotches of rust and red......................

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coastal Ranch revisited

I posted this painting in another version a while back, when I was just emerging from the sickest segment of my sickness. Originally, the foreground was bleached out and you wondered how on earth those cows could care less about those dried up grasses. Now that I've lived with it in my studio, I realized that it needed grounding because that light color also gave it an illusion of floating. Not so good. I like the addition of green grasses with deeper values and hope that you and the cows connect better with it too.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Como Holiday

I hafta tell ya, Lake Como is a very popular place on this planet and my paintings of it seem to be attracting a lot of attention these days too. When I've told people I'd been there they always seemed to ask if I'd seen George Clooney, so he has really helped put it on the map. I didn't see him, but I did see this heavenly vision at Varenna and never tire of painting this particular promontory in various ways. It's the majesty of the Swiss Alps reaching down toward the warm Italian architecture and creating a true visual feast. Sigh.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All in a Day's Work

I feel almost as blessed as this guy, getting to work and live in such a visually amazing place. However, there's something extraordinary about the abscence of motor vehicles in Venice and that truly sets it apart. This then, is a regular worker-guy rather than a romantic gondolier. It's probably much easier to deliver stuff than people and I bet he's one happy camper, especially on a day when the waterways are sparkling like so many diamonds...........

Friday, February 15, 2013

Long Ago and Far Away

Once upon a time, I lived up at Lake Tahoe and enjoyed tromping around in the woods where scenes like this can be discovered. I have honestly had this photo around my studio for at least 30 years, but have had this very special place on my mind a lot lately. This then is in honor of all my Tahoe friends and family, many who have gone on ahead of us but remain steadfast in our hearts. My prayer is that they are enjoying heavenly resting places just like this and infinitely better.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lakeside Wonder

Lake Como is one of the most picturesque places on God's green earth. The warmth of the terra cotta rooftops against the backdrop of those cobalt blue mountains and all surrounded by that captivating, reflective liquid. WOW with a capital Double U, OH, Double U. It's a cheek pinching experience to be sure and my cheeks have been made mighty sore a couple of times over the years. It's a barrel o'fun to 'visit' these places again via my photos and squishy paint and then to share them with you. All in a day's work........

Monday, February 11, 2013

Farmer's Market

I suppose I'm ready for Spring or Summer, or something colorful. Had to re-visit a neat old photo I took along the side of a country road somewhere and marvel that this ingenious farmer knows how to appeal to the aesthetic senses of his customers. Who wouldn't want to buy something off of this well stocked and carefully arranged antique cart??? Trying to remember if I actually bought something or just took photos..........well, I was jazzed and appreciative just the same.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Last Light on Little Lake Road

Winter sunsets here in Mendocino delight visual junkies like me to no end. The gleam that is created off the white paint of these magnificent Victorians is nothing short of blinding and I find myself in a frenzy trying to find my camera. These houses are our prized possessions as they add grace and glamour with their historic opulence. Yes, that's the Blair House on the far right where they filmed "Murder She Wrote" but the volume of each of these beauties is quite diminished by viewing them from the side. What's wonderful though is how the sunlight has them all dressed up for the parade of viewers, people like me that are charmed year after fabulous year.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Italian Terraces

Painting cheerful colors does have a cheering up effect as well as re-living a fabulous Italian holiday. This is Lake Como with its waterfront villas and majestic mountain backdrop, complete with boats and cascading blossoms. I may have turned a corner today with my never ending virus and thank you all for your concern and prayers. Coupled with all the other things going on in my family it has been a challenging time, but God is bringing me through it to a better place. Now if I could just hop a plane and step out onto one of these terraces.........................

Monday, February 4, 2013

After the Storm

I had a once in a lifetime privilege some years back to see this spectacular sight at the mouth of the Russian River at Jenner. I have often wished that I'd waited for this guy to come back to the dock so that I could get his name and address in order to send him the photo I took, but alas he'll never know. On the way down the coast, my boys and I were in awe and wonder to take in the other worldly light coupled with the majesty of the cliffs and ocean and one of them remarked that it looked like a car commercial out there. Wouldn't you know that around the next few bends we came upon a big truck with a silver Audi in it along with a film crew! The location itself is like none other on earth, but the breaking up of the storm at sunset is a memory that we will never forget.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Coastal Ranch

I have been out of commission for a little over two weeks now due to a nasty virus and believe me, it's been pity party central around my house. Besides this, there has been a death in our family and two hospitalizations, so it hasn't been exactly smooth sailing. I'd like to say that I've utilized the time well and have learned all sorts of good stuff, but that wouldn't be true. I am hoping that in retrospect, some valuable things begin to appear very soon and that someone shows up to give me some smiling lessons. In the meantime, here is a cheerful scene from a wonderful spot in between Petaluma and the coast and may it serve to lift all our spirits. Thanks for hanging in there with me and let's hope I bounce back with lots of great new work and  inspirational stuff to say about it!