Monday, November 23, 2015

Coastline Sublime

Click on title to view image within the online blog/ I had the ultimate privilege to stay overnight up at Newport Ranch last week, going to bed and waking up to this majestic stretch of our coastline. I took about a hundred photos as the sun was setting and again as it was breaking over the eastern hills, all in hopes of creating more paintings that evoke some of the emotion I felt. My buddy Robin has been working up there to fill the new inn with sumptuous colors, textures, accessories and furnishings worthy of this truly remarkable location and I have benefited greatly from her visits. Thank you Robin and thank you God!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Celadon Horizon

Click on title to view image within my online blog/ Last weekend I had the privilege of teaching a 2 day class at the Mendocino Art Center. On the 2nd day, we went outside to the cypress grove and peered out between the massive trees to this quiet but majestic scene. A storm was coming on and the colors were very muted as the mist and clouds were winning a battle over the sun. The cathedral of trees provided shelter and we enjoyed bantering back and forth about what colors to choose and how to best describe the white water and swirling foam. 'Painting by Committee' is what I sometimes call it when a group is watching me and adding their 2 cents and it's really fun and helpful. I must say that the darkest area within the foreground cliff looks quite black in this photo but has a deep blueish purple color in real life and is much more inviting. Ok, over and out for now but thanks for tuning in.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Colorful Corner

Click on the title to view image within the online blog/ I had a great weekend teaching a 2 day oil painting with a palette knife class at the Mendocino Art Center and enjoyed practicing ahead of time. This is one of the sweetest subjects about town, the corner of Little Lake and Kasten Streets as the roofs are staggered and all are set off by the fabulous white fence and overflowing foliage. Come on over and pinch my cheeks for me to prove that this is for real. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Colorful and Quiet

Click on Title to view painting within online blog/ Sharing another sweet watercolor I did on Poros Island Greece early last month. The Neorion Harbor has been one of my favorite places to paint since my first visit in 1992 as I never tire of the colorful boats at rest along the waterfront. Ideal that many lovely cafes dot the shoreline, so it is easy to paint and lunch simultaneously!