Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Driving south toward Elk, one can be enthralled by one majestic vista after another. Such was the case yesterday when I went to visit an elderly friend and afterwards decided to continue south til I could find a pull-out in which to park and paint. The winds have been howling lately, but doing small paintings from the comfort of the front seat of my car is completely doable!
You haven't heard from me in quite some time for about 100 reasons. Most recently, we took a trip to Los Angeles to see our boys and that was action packed with no time to paint. Otherwise, we're still recovering from a flood that took place in our frame shop at the end of December. Believe it or not, it has taken that long to empty the space, rip out the sheetrock walls and ceilings, repair all upstairs flooring and all downstairs ceilings and walls, replace the contents and finally, to organize the contents. Horrific job, but it's finally looking rather spiffy!