Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mendocino Open Paint Out

Erin's Arbor 12x9 oil
Jewel by the Bay 6x12 oil

Upstairs View 6x12 oil
Today was the first day of our 3rd plein air painting event here in Mendocino and this year I'm what's called a 'celebrity' artist. That means I do my painting and people can watch me and at the end of the week I help judge all of the work and decide on prizes for each category. I don't have the opportunity to win prizes this year, so in one way it's relaxing and in another way it's a little boring! Oh well, I get to paint like a fool and enjoy the most amazing weather we've had all year. I started at 9 this morning with the center painting, went home and did the arbor and then sat on my deck just after dinner for the 3rd one. Not so sure my camera is doing these paintings justice but I'm working quickly to paint them, shoot them and then frame them for showing in the Art Center gallery. Visit the website to learn more about the event and read up on the other amazing artists that are here in town this week.