Friday, April 29, 2016

Desert Snippet

Click on Title to view image within online blog/ Long time you no hear from me eh? I remember posting last time that I've been dealing with some health issues and a few people have shouted back at me. I am happy to report that things are calming down and I'm feeling much better and sure appreciate everyone's concern. 
I attended the Plein Air Painting Convention in Tucson April 15-19 and had an amazing time watching other professionals paint up a storm. It was exhilarating, inspiring and exhausting all at the same time and now that I'm home I'm quite anxious to practice some of the things I learned. One day, my friend Robin and I sat in her teeny tiny car and did small watercolor studies while avoiding the heat outside. This is my wee offering and I look forward to staying in closer touch as the weeks and months of this year progress. Thanks so much for tuning in.