Friday, May 24, 2013

Fanciful Fields

I kind of seem to jump around from deep and dazzling color to subtle and serene don't I? To tell you the truth, I get bored doing too much of the same thing so it's fun to shake things up with subject matter and color. AND locations I might add. When you can't get your tushie to France or Greece, what's wrong with Colusa or Yuba City pray tell??!! This humble little lane can be found someplace out near Sutter and is surrounded by reflective rice fields, poplar and eucalyptus trees and the smallest mountain range in the world, the Sutter Buttes. I gave you a peek of those the other day along the river and you just might see them pop up again soon. Hope you feel like taking a little stroll on a lazy summer evening down this road to no place in particular, just for the fun of it.