Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gold and Bold

A lovely lady from Texas asked if I might give her a private painting lesson and she chose some photos of sunflowers that I'd taken in France long ago. The timing couldn't be more perfect as I anticipate being back in this very region of France in a few short weeks. I admit to being magnetized by these blossoms myself and look forward to being immersed in field after field, both close up and distant. For this warm up session, it was certainly a bonus that there were some billowy white clouds in the sky with some lovely purple undersides!


  1. Aren't sunflowers just about the happiest flower around? They bring such joy.

  2. EXQUISITE, Erin!! That would be a happy painting to see in anyone's living room!! It's DEFINITELY "bold"...and terrific!

  3. Erin, Why don't you tell your collectors to click on the title of the painting to get them to the right place? People are used to clicking on "Click Here" so it takes a while for us to figure out clicking on the title gets us there.
    I asked in a previous email if you know the name of the old ship at Noyo Harbor but I did not get a response
    Thanks and have a great painting excursion in France!
    Connie L. Morse and Dave Sime
    Artists, Musicians and Authors