Monday, November 4, 2013

Last Flicker of Light

I have honestly no idea how I managed to paint 6 small paintings a week last year. Somehow, there was a special measure of grace over me because this year has been entirely different. I am still enjoying it VERY much, but maybe my life has just sped up and out of control or something.............eek, but thanks for hanging with me and sharing your thoughts from time to time. 
This little vision was from my Mom's property near Placerville. I was drawn to the last tidbits of light hitting the background trees of the neighboring forested hillside and took a fuzzy photo with my iPad. This is the moodier side of me and maybe a bit akin to the simple hillsides I've also been doing. The life of a painter is always challenging, exciting and somewhat dangerous when a scene pops up out of nowhere and the camera isn't within easy reach. Thankfully, I wasn't in the car when I spotted this one.

Here again are some fun things coming up:

Lahaina, Maui/ December 7th, 2013
Poster Unveiling
Lahaina Courthouse Gallery
at the Banyan Tree 5-8pm

Lahaina, Maui/ December 13th, 2013
Exhibition of New Work
Village Gallery on Dickenson Street
5-8 pm

France Workshop
July 8-22 2014
please inquire for details