Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuscan Glory

On one of my visits to Tuscany, our host took a couple of us on a wild ride in his VW van to check out some nearby painting locations. I think he'd had a bit to drink and it happened to be a rainy day, so it was a less than pleasant going up and down some roads that were meant for 4 wheel drive. However, he showed us the tiny hamlet of Poppiano and we forgave him for scaring us! I'd have to say that this spot is one of my favorite on earth. On a day when the weather was pleasant, I sat outside near this vineyard and painted while listening to the distant sounds of church bells, bleating sheep and children playing. It was one of life's most precious moments and I feel grateful to have had such an experience. I have taken many photos in and around this little enclave and love 'visiting' over and over again as I put some of that same awe inspired emotion into my paintings.