Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amber Oaks, Emerald Vines

After going to the Little River Inn for breakfast with my Dad and his pal, I spent another chunk of the day priming panels my favorite orange color. I do this so that when I skip a tidbit here and there, that a warm color shows through rather than stark white. I love how it influences the sky color because my paint is thin in that area and the skies always seem to glow as a result of the toning color beneath. With all this orange going on, I automatically gravitated toward an image I have painted in the past and wanted to do it in miniature. This is a French style barn someplace out in the Napa Valley that I discovered on one of my wanderings. This lighting condition lasts about 15 minutes, making it very hard to paint on location and though I paint pretty quickly could NEVER really complete a painting in that small amount of time.

Here are my panels, all primed and ready to be painted on. On the windowsill is a fun little solar "Happy Face Flower" that Suzi Long gave to me one day when I visited her.