Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roof Upon Roof Upon Watertower

Last Sunday I was able to catch a view of Mendocino that I hadn't really ever noticed before while I was at an event at the Mendocino Presbyterian Church. Looking out the north facing windows, a jumble of rooftops, trees and this water tower are framed against the ever changing sky and much to my delight I might add. In olden times these towers actually stored water and the gravity fed the water down into the houses, but nowadays most of them have been converted into living quarters. I'm telling you, every nook and cranny of this town is paintable and even after 26 years, I haven't exhausted half the possibilities! 
Keep viewing below as I'm sharing a couple more pieces of my son
 Levi's artwork. This talented guy grew up in this amazing environment and it is obviously serving him well...................

"Ella" 20x24 acrylic on canvas  $625 unframed
contact Levi  to purchase

"Bob Dylan" 12x12 pencil on bristol board $125 unframed
contact Levi to purchase