Monday, January 6, 2014

October Palette

I really am still alive and almost well. Caught a cold just before leaving Maui that has hung on through our visit with the boys in LA, but we're home at long last. 
Before heading to Hawaii, I had the privilege of visiting this delightful property near Philo and my friend Diane and I even had a tour of the main house up above which is full of fabulous art and sculpture. I have finally had a smidge of time to revisit the photos I shot and have come up with something new for you to look at after all these many weeks. I actually did paint constantly in Hawaii, but left everything at the gallery there. Hope your New Year is off to a smashing great start and that we'll continue to connect via this blog and any emails you are able to write. It isn't that easy to figure out how to post comments, so feel free to shout out to me at 
Blessings abundant now and throughout this coming year!