Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm Finished!

Hi Y'All- 
Shouting out that I've finished the big project and am as amazed at you are that it's done already. Between taking the photos, making the pencil and color sketches and tackling the 3 canvases I figure I've got about a week's time into it. I used a big spatula-like palette knife and my paint comes out of 10 oz. caulking tubes, so  the process was easier as a result. I used A LOT of paint, but since the subject was fairly simple, I was able to swipe my knife across a lot of wide, open space and accomplish much in good time. My friend Don loaned me the use of his giant easel and took the photo of me getting started which is something I appreciated and look below to see a party he threw in my honor. Anyhow, here it is and soon I will be back in the swing of painting the minis. 
Now get this! My husband did some sneaky math and told me that this project is the equivalent of 105 miniature paintings. Can you believe it????????

Don invited his neighbors over for a celebration to show off my accomplishment and boy was I touched by such an expression of love and support. Thank you Don and Gigi for supporting the arts in Mendocino!