Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Signs of Spring

Well, you must have figured out that my iPad is still giving me problems and that I've been out of town. I'm posting the painting I did as the demonstration in Napa and hope it inspires patient but joyful anticipation of the coming Spring. 
  Next I'm showing you the framed triptych and the lovely couple that commissioned me. We had a delightful time last Sunday night seeing it hung as Steve is quite the mathematical/woodworking superman. It adds a wonderful dimension of warmth to their entryway and ties all of their furnishings, various woods and adjacent rooms together beautifully. My husband had some challenges while framing it, but given the size of each canvas they were minimal and the results were great. What an honor to be trusted with such a project and something I've added to my gratitude list for sure and for certain. Thank you SO MUCH Steve and Susie!