Thursday, September 27, 2012

View from Saracina

Visited Saracina Winery today on my way home from Sonoma County where we celebrated my mother-in-law's 93 birthday yesterday. Gave Casey and big hug in the tasting room and got myself all set up in the shade to do a painting of the view looking east. I loved the layers of close up and faraway oaks, plus the vineyards and plantings in between, so blocked everything in with my trusty Tombo pen. Try as I might though, I was unable to find any painting implements in my bag. Found out that they'd been left in the studio so rather than give up, decided to try my hand at finger painting. I slipped my hand into a plastic bag and proceeded as if this was something I do everyday. Maybe this is my new direction! I do like the soft edges and the consensus around the house tonight is that I should go ahead and post it just for fun.