Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cottage in the Vineyard

Not long ago, I visited this spot in the Anderson Valley with my buddy Leslie in order to start a painting. It's a bit secluded, behind the tasting room of the Standish Winery and it took us a fair amount of time to settle on just the right painting location. We got out our easels and all the materials, set up our chairs and began to dive in. I did the drawing and just as I was going to apply the paint, realized that I'd left my palette knife back in the studio! ARRGGGHHHHH, is the nicest way I can describe how I felt. I rummaged around in my purse for something else to use and after trying a nail file and the end of a small tube of lotion, finally heaved a sigh and packed everything back up. Poor Leslie, it wasn't her issue but she had to leave too. I took some photos and was able to produce a nice painting back in town, and now I'm offering a tiny version of the same lovely vantage point. This time I was equipped and now you know another one of my crazy stories.