Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Murder She Wrote

Jessica Fletcher has spent time in this house as it was used as the set for the once famous television series, Murder She Wrote. It is known here as The Blair House and is now a B&B. Visitors wander around town looking for it, but thankfully don't see any evidence other than heresay. Our best buddy Rick Sacks the famous artist/sign painter created signs for the show that presented our sleepy little burg as Cabot Cove Maine. Maybe you want to check out some of the old episodes and take a walk down memory lane, literally and figuratively. Besides this little piece, check out the pics below too.

Dan Hitchcock, my very own Dad, posed yesterday for a portrait group that I attend on most Monday mornings and you'll see what I did in honor of his 80th birthday which happens to be today, the 8th of May.