Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cluckety Cluck

This palette knife painting was done as a result of a delightful visit to 'The Apple Farm' in Philo in the Anderson Valley. That is one fabulous property to romp around on, but you should also check out all the neat stuff they do there with cooking classes besides all the yummy treats they sell. It has that wonderful country farm feeling and you can wait on yourself by putting your money in the box if no one is around. I painted a scene of a little red cottage one day while I was there with a friend and then took a bunch of photos. Chickens in motion are difficult to capture 'en plein air', so thank goodness for cameras and cozy art studios.

Note: concerning "Island Sundown" that I posted last week; I revised a section of the painting and it is now much improved. You can view the changes at Let me know if you can see what I did!