Monday, September 16, 2013

Fanciful Fog

You guessed it. Way too tired to do a new painting even though the weather is 100 times better now than last week at the Mendocino Open Paint Out. I had a fabulous time and though I didn't win an official prize I did sell the moonlight piece and small vineyard with garden. Some fun friends gave me the MAPSA award which stands for Most Art Per Space Allotted! I did 15 paintings during the 6 day event, the last one during the 2 hour 'Quick Draw' where each artist stayed within certain boundaries along Main Street. We were supposed to talk to passersby, but we weren't very talkative let me tell you. That was a dumb idea, putting us in harm's way like that, but each intruder figured it out when we reminded them that we were under the gun! I didn't win the People's Choice award for this piece but many votes were cast in my direction and I was thrilled at the turn out afterwards. The entire event was stupendous and I really look forward to taking part again next year. 

Welcome to Mendocino 9x12