Monday, September 9, 2013

LOTS to See and Read

Harbor Haven Inspiration

Harbor Haven 11x14

Mendocino Sunspill Inspiration

Mendocino Sunspill 8x16

Here I am with Kathryn LeMieux 

Ok folks, here is this week's happening news. I am taking part in MOPO, or Mendocino Open Paint Out and today was the first day. I woke up earlier than usual and raced out to catch the sun as it began to spill into the Big River basin, lighting up the bluffs and hilltops on the south side of the village. It was truly spectacular, though my 'inspiration' photo doesn't reveal that fact. I worked feverishly because things change rapidly at that hour, but even more so because the fog came in. Rats. Decided to head north toward the Noyo Harbor and found a fun spot along the South Harbor where you can see my vantage point and completed painting. I enjoyed this slot with Kathryn LeMieux, my darling painter friend from Westport and I hope I get to share her painting as well one of these days. I am not certain that I will be posting the rest of the week, but had to let you in on at least a tidbit of this great event. The paintings will be for sale through the week at the Mendocino Art Center and each evening the artists will be hanging their work from that day. The end of the week culminates in a juried show where prizes are awarded for best painting and best 'Quick Draw', which is a 2 hour timed paint out along Main Street in Mendocino. You bet your boots I'll be whooped by Saturday afternoon, but I'll have lots to share! 
Ok, before that day comes, I wanted to also share that I entered these two images into the annual Lahaina Poster Contest and just found out on Friday night that I won first place!!!! The winner was 'Island Flora' which is a painting of Front Street at sunset bordered by many beautiful flowers of the Hawaiian Islands. Yahoo, I get to fly to Maui within the next few months to sign 1,000 posters and have a lovely getaway.......

Island Flora

Lahaina Majesty