Friday, September 13, 2013

Thursday Night & Friday Morning

Colombi's corner store in Ft. Bragg

Fanciful Fog 4x9 watercolor

Neon at Nightfall 11x14

Tunnel Reflections 6x8

Today was almost the end of the Paint Out, but the event culminates in a 2 hour "Quick Draw" tomorrow between 11 and 1. We turned in our favorite painting (I chose 'Happy Hour' with the help of friends and family) to be judged today and tomorrow's pieces will also be judged separately, with the awards being announced in the evening. It's been a great week, but I'm pretty stinkin' tired. A couple of the participants are going to Sonoma next week to do this all over again in that area. More power to 'em!  Here is my wall of 13 paintings, coincidentally displayed on September 13th. More news and at least one more photo to follow soon. Thanks for taking the time to check out all of these visuals and a few wacky words.