Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Planning the Maui Trip

Hey Y'All- In case you aren't on my email list or Facebook, I wanted to shout out about a coupla things. First of all, I have a newly refurbished website that can be viewed at erindertner.com. I am so jazzed to have a site that I can manage MYSELF. Fine Art Studio Online has a great template for artists and though it's still been a learning curve, at least I didn't eat much pavement while I was riding it. 
Pictured is the lovely harbor at Lahaina, Maui, with the courthouse peeking out from behind the boats and trees. On the evening of December 7th of this year the new poster will be unveiled there and I'd love to extend an invitation. The Village Gallery on Dickenson Street will also host a hoopla on the evening of December 13th with the poster and a new batch of my local plein air paintings. Who knows, maybe some of you already have such plans in the works, or know someone that lives there and might want to attend!