Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Key Ingredients

You probably remember me telling you about the class I taught in Ukiah and the photo I posted of my lovely group. In the long photo of all our paintings, this one was on the far end but now you can see it better! The whole experience was a barrel of fun and now I present you with my finished product. I've done a few tweaks to it since then and though it's larger than many pieces I've posted, I still wanted to include it with my other 'dailies'. I'm all about warm colors (living in the cool climate that I do) and the colorful things that crop up in any kitchen. A bit of trivia now, garlic is at the top of the list of items I'd chop and savor.......
Here's another exciting bit of news. My new website is up and running! It is easy to navigate and there's 
A LOT to see, so check it out at .
I've also noticed that my incoming posts don't look as good as the blog itself. You might want to log onto the blog now and then to see what workshops are coming up and other fun information that doesn't seem to come through otherwise. is that address. Bless you all!