Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last Night and This Morning

A Mendocino Morning 12x16

Happy Hour 8x16

My End of Town 8x11 watercolor

Working for my breakfast

The order of these photos is not correct as I did the two town paintings last evening and the breakfast one this morning, but the computer goofed up. It was a warm and wonderful evening last night after a fairly foggy first part of the day, so I made hay while the sun was shining. It was shining so brightly that I had to take shelter behind a shady tree, IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT ABOUT MENDOCINO! When it started out foggy again today, I remembered a scene that I've wanted to do for years which is breakfast on the porch at the MacCallum House with their spectacular view. It didn't matter that the skies were gray because the food was colorful enough and it sure was fun. My husband joined me and we bought 3 meals, 2 to eat and one to leave as a permanent prop throughout the session. Yes, crazy but oh so delightful.