Monday, February 20, 2012

Backstep Hideaway

On a French roll this week. Hmm, that sounds like I'm some kind of sandwich or something.................really I just mean that I am re-visiting lovely places in France to paint and re-paint in this instance. Here you see Leslie and me painting in the back garden of a 12th century chateau. No swimming pool in sight, but we were so hot that we put on our suits and took an occasional shower beneath the giant watering can! Chateau de Avejan is Mary's amazing place, just northwest of Avignon and I've been there twice now. Just found out that the online radio show slated for Tuesday the 21st at 9am PST at will also be available after the fact as well. Hurray! Schedule, schmedule, just listen in when you have time and we'll connect on that daydream wavelength, hoping for a real visit to Avejan in the not-too-distant future.