Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Few Years Back

A darling young high school friend named Chrissy hung out with me in the studio today. She is quite artistic and loves sketching especially. As we scouted around for something to actually paint together, she lit up over  a print of this image in the gallery downstairs. It seemed ambitious for the few short hours we had together, but she loved it so much that we just HAD to try it with watercolors. Many of you remember that about 10 years back, there was an awesome flight of steps down to Portuguese Beach and the bench was in pretty good shape too.  Some local friends owned the little sailboat that you see on the beach and it was really there one day when I was tromping around taking photos. Chrissy's painting is still in progress, but I went ahead and finished mine and gave it this title because it's been some time since the steps were there and since I've done a Mendocino watercolor. Kind of nostalgic.