Monday, August 6, 2012

Sonoma Splendor

Had a delicious Sunday breakfast at the marvelous Hank's Creekside in Santa Rosa, being waited on by one of Hank's gifted kids Angela and were blessed by such a fabulous start to our day. Afterwards, we took Tomas's almost 93 year old Mother Renee on a spontaneous excursion to Matanzas Creek Winery out Bennett Valley Road and I found a fun place to plop down with my supplies. They have a lavish lavender garden that has typically been harvested in late June, but to my supreme delight there were some new plantings and different varieties that still happened to be blooming. I was able to sit beneath one of their strategically placed umbrellas and look south-west to this delectable scene. It was mid afternoon, so the shadows were soft and there weren't many dark darks, but doesn't it feel like a hot summer day as a result?