Friday, August 31, 2012

LIfe in the Country

Back again to the wondrous Anderson Valley near the hamlet of Philo. If you haven't been here, you should just get your tushies on over this way. You will enjoy one of the best places on earth on your way to one of the other best places, which is where I live. It's an over-the-hill and through-the-dale kind of romp, passing vineyards, creeks and rivers, redwoods and farmsteads like this lovely place. Never a dull moment for the eye that seeks out rural beauty and that means you'd surely not get bored. 
Mom's surgery is postponed for a few days due to a sore on her ankle that she's had since January. They're afraid that if it has any infection in it, that it will be dangerous once they cut her open. Keep the prayers going up and thank you all so much for your concern.