Monday, August 27, 2012

Warm and Wonderful

Came home near midnight last night after the memorial service AND seeing my Mom admitted to UC Davis Medical Center, besides a quick trip to Tahoe in between for a reunion of old friends. Whirlwind is the right word and now I'm a bit bushed but no worse for wear. Mom should be ok once they do surgery on her back to loosen up the nerves that are causing lack of feeling in her hands and feet..........prayers are appreciated. Yep, grateful for all that I am able to do even in the midst of chaos. 
 Here then is a serene image of the Little River Inn at the magic hour and oh how I love this sight after a long trip. Cresting the hill just to the south at just the right time of evening, this local landmark glows like nobody's business. May this serve to calm and delight.